Unforgettable sight - Motor from the river

A gold star for the weather – again! Warm enough to slosh in the water; cool and cloudy enough to avoid a sunburn.

And – perhaps in gratitude for removing the trash – the Turkey River shared some of its scenery and secrets.

Clams inched their way across sunken sandbars. Minnows darted in the shallows. Cedar waxwings and indigo buntings showed off for the paddlers.

A chorus of song sparrows, yellowthroats, catbirds, and robins sang from the thickets.

An immature bald eagle sat calmly near its nest as the flotilla passed underneath.

A flock of young Canada geese swam ahead warily, then waddled up the bank.

Many AWARE volunteers probably caught their breath as they rounded that bend to see historic Motor Mill looming over the Turkey on the far bank.

And as the full moon rose over the valley at dusk, the secret was out:

The Turkey River corridor is about as close as a mortal can get to paradise!

Let’s keep it clean.

Headin' downstream
Plucked from the mud
Aren't rivers fun!
In search of critters
Watchin' the flotilla go by
Scoutin' the shallows
Cleaning up the cliffs - carefully!
Portage is over. Back to work.
Cautious Canadas
Clara's favorite river
Luke's treasures
Campers at Motor
Stories of Motor Mill
Hawk's campfire tunes

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  1. You had beautiful weather for this. Sounds like its going to get hot and muggy. But that wouldn’t be so bad, a person could jump in the river to cool off

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