May: The BUSY month!

Savoring wild plum blossoms

Hearing the first witchety-witchety calls of the yellowthroat

Listening to a chorus of other warblers – whether or not I can name the songsters

Watching the turkeys strut on the distant hill, oblivious to yelps from my box call

Thrilling to the unique chortle of a sandhill crane, then spying the lone speck of a bird circling against the white clouds

Searching in vain for elusive morels

Photographing the progression of wildflower blooms – from spring beauties to bluebells to bellworts to orchids to columbines

NOT having to search for ticks, which appear out of nowhere

Planting trees, and mulching trees, and watering trees

Planting the garden, and mulching the garden, and watering the garden

Sweating in the 90 heat while planting the garden . . .

Then covering the tomatoes to save them from the frost

Harvesting rhubarb

Eating rhubarb cake

Harvesting asparagus

Eating asparagus

Watching the parade of bright-orange orioles at our grape jelly feeders

Hearing those orioles’ cheery, musical whistles of thanks for the sweet treat

Chucking at the bundle of eyes, beaks, and pinfeathers in the successful bluebird nest

Peering back a the three-fourths grown great horned owl nestling, who is watching his new world from a nest in the cottonwood

Joining the curious millions to follow online as the Decorah eagles unwittingly share their intimate lives

Pulling – and cussing – and pulling garlic mustard

Catching the spring’s first bluegills from the pond

Why is there only one month of May?

With all the delights on Nature’s plate, there’s just no time to do everything that May demands . . . much less to sit at the computer and write a blog!

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