Papa bluebird says "thanks" for cleaning out the nest box

Maybe that wasn’t the bluebirds’ intent, when they sat on the branch, sunning themselves on a balmy March afternoon. But I took it upon myself to anthropomorphize.

I’d just finished the spring clean-out of our bluebird boxes, prompted by occasional bluebird whistles I’d been hearing from the edge of the woods.

Within minutes, the male was perched atop one house, chortling softly to his mate. Then they both flitted closer to my window, and posed for several minutes with what I perceived to be an avian “thank-you.”

Sure, it’s still early in the season, and I hope the bluebirds won’t start nesting TOO soon. (We could have another blizzard or two before spring really arrives.)

But the longer days and the abnormally warm temperatures – and of course the freshly-cleaned bird houses – may have lit the spark.

What better way to welcome the new season than to watch the bluebirds prepare to start their family!

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